The today over lessons is about the Android Developer Vs Web Developer. And I hope this lessons is useful for you.


Android developers build
applications on the
Android Platform.
Web developers require web browers
to run their developed content.



The scope of an Android
Developer is limited to Android
App development out
is customizations.
Web developers, on the
other hand, develop websites
and web apps that we see
on the internet.



C Language ……. C++ Language……………..XML


There is no end to languages that are required for Web Development. Basic websites are built on …

While extensive websites require knowledege of Frontend, Backend, and Database.



Android developers require
knowledge about Database
to store data required
in their applications
Web developers also require
database knowlode to
store the contents of their
websites and some vital
data on user visits.


#Applicartion Bundle

Android applications
come as APKs. Their
apk files require
the android installer
to get installed on
android phones
before running.
Web Applications come in
many forms, while some
websites are static containing
only a few setsof HTML, JavaScript
and CSSfiles, while some come in
a web archive that requires
containers like apache
tomcat and JBoss, etc.


#Career Opportunity

Android is a widely
used operating system.
The Android mobile
platform is huge and
is a sea to the huge
career opportunity.
The industry requires
Android developers to
build apps that can
case many peoples life
Web developers are also a huge
requirement in the IT industry as
the internet is never ending and
almost everything that we need is
found on the internet web pages
and websites. There comes the
never-ending requirement of
web developers to build these
websites and web applications.



Now it’s crystal clear that Android Developer vs Web Developer both are great career opportunity if you have willing to learn with patience and have problem-solving capabilities.