The today over lesson is about the How Much To Charge For A Websites? I hope this lesson is useful for you.


Let’s learn some business strategy

A website, is a platform for a professional or business made with the intention of building more awarness and ultimately make more money.

So first, you need to understand how much value your website brings to you customer.

  • By simply asking:
    • ” How much increase in the revenue you are expecting in the next 6 months afther the lunch of this platform?”

If the amount is big, risk coms in place

*Not saying that you would do a bad job, you just need to know how much risk is involved.


So charge for this too. The bigger the risk, the more you charge.


In the end, the formula should be:

Tims spent (Hourly Charge)

+ The risk factor (you calculations)

+ Profit (%based on the value you bring)


= Total price of a website

Don’t charge $500 a BILLION dollar company and don’t charge $1.000.000 a simple individual


How do you charge for a websites?

I hope this lesson is be useful for you. take care of yourself in these difficult days.

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