The today we talk about the What is Coding Vs Programming in computer science or software engineering or the another. I hope this lesson is useful for you.




Coding is basically the process of writing codes from one language to another

Programming is the process of creating and developing an executable machine program which performs a set of instructions



Coding is the initial step of introducing programming end so coders can have less expertise than programmers

Programming is the basis of communication between human thoughts and machine level outputs and these are generally consisting of complex structures. Programmers are much-skilled professionals than coders



Coding is the intial step of programming complex queries and it is easier than programming

Programming handles different complex situations and queries to produce the proper machine level outputs. So, it is basically an advanced version of coding and other different approaches. Thus, it is much more complex than coding



The primary aim of coding is to facilitate communicaions between human and machines.

Programming is a process of formally writing codes so that the human inputs and machine outputs remain is sync.



Being the initial step of communication, coders normally deal without worrying about the details.

Programmers usually handle the communication approach in a much more matured way. They analyze and conceptualize the different aspects of the communication and produce the correct machine outputs accordingly



A working piece of code.

The whole application, a software product or a website.



Coding and Programming are often termed as synonymous but in reality, there is a lot of difference between Coding and Programming. Any software products can be developed using both coding and programming. Coding is the initial step that deals with translating the requirements.

So, In which stage you are

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