The today over lesson is about the JavaScript vs TypeScript, and the second is What Is The JAM Stack, I hope this lesson is be useful for you.

JavaScript vs TypeScript


  • Important to learn pure JavaScript first (at least basics) before touching frameworks.
  • JS is easy to start with
  • It can be used on both: frontend and backed sides.
  • JS has its large and rapidly-growing community
  • It’s constantly evolving
  • Very populer programming language, it’s the only one on frontend side
  • Programmers are in huge demand


  • Super-set of JS. Compiles to JS.
  • This means learn JS before using TS
  • Seriously, learn JS first!
  • TS is strongly recommended for all medium/large projects!
  • Requires writing a little more code
  • Slows down development process
  • Significantly improves code quality
  • Helps to build a better quality prodecut.
  • Improving and growing fast.

What Is The JAM Stack?


JAM -> JavaScript, APIs, Markup.

Fast and secure sites and apps delivered by pre-rendering files and serving them directly from a CDN, removing the requirement to manage or run web servers. They do not have to include all attributes of JavaScript, APIs, and Markup. They might be built using sites built by hand, or with Jekyll, Hugo, Nuxt, Next, Gatsby, or another static site generator.



  • Static websites/apps are fast!
  • Requires only one programming language.
  • Using extra tools and services you can build very advanced solutions with JAM stack. For example, you can use Google Firebase to bring a storage and authentication to your project.
  • Easy deployment
  • Free hosting on GitHub Pages

I hope you benefited from this course. I wish everyone success in these difficult days, and we hope that this corona virus ends early, wash it frequently in your hands. #Stay At Home

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